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by Karen
(Chicago, IL, USA)

My brother was diagnosed in 2-2009 with Glioblastoma, stage IV cancer. His prognosis was not good, to say the least. He did have another malignant brain tumor in 4-2011, with the same diagnosis.


He is a survivor. He is still on chemo & will be until the beginning of 6-2012. We are all praying that this will be the end of chemo & cancer. My brother, has such a great purpose in life. He loves helping others and there truly are many that need his encouragement to better their lives. Perhaps that is why the good Lord kept him alive. For whatever reason you have God, I truly thank you!!!

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Apr 12, 2015
Dad's cancer diagnosis
by: Anonymous

My father was just diagnosed this week with mesothelioma cancer. He has to go for more scans to see if it has already spread. Please pray for him. I pray every day for him to stay around to enjoy my two young daughters. They are 1 and 2 1/2 years old. He loves them so much and I don't want this cancer to rip him away from us. Please I am trying to keep the faith that he has taught all of us. He is a good man, great father, an unbelievable husband and many more. He is a strong man. I pray every second I have. Please pray that his cancer goes into remission or the good Lord can remove it with a miracle. Reading these stories of stage 4 cancer and the patients are lasting as long as they are give me hope. I can't lose the faith and I'm not going to give up on him. I believe in prayer and please help me save my Dad, Dominick Sr.
Thank you for reading.
Dom Jr.

Jul 23, 2014
st jude
by: Anonymous

My friend was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.it was in his throat and 9 lymph nod es.he should have died.I prayed every day to st jude.he is now ten years cancer free. Never give up!

Jun 15, 2014
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you for sharing your comment, somehow today I needed to be reminded of my faith. My dad was recently diagnosed w brain cancer and is receiving chemo now. Its taken a toll on his body and his emotions. But he's a fighter and when I read stories like your it reaffirms that God and St. Jude will not abandon us especially on our time of need. God bless you, your brother and family.

Apr 30, 2012
Please give me strength to forgive & to be cleared of charges wrongly taken against me
by: Anonymous

Please St Jude see to it that I will be exonerated from all charges & law suits from the auto accident I am being charged with. I pray to St Jude to clear the police report from all charges & blame to me, remove the pts which will be charged to my driving record & will inturn cause me to lose my job. Also to have the law suit for damages the other party is claiming while the true fault of the accident was of their own negligence, but are somehow being protected by the local police. The driver of the other vehicle was a child (w/o a drivers license) who hit me so hard it took the front end off my own vehicle & I was lucky to have lived. Please St Jude, give me contiuned strength to forgive my offenders, & I pary you too will grant the party blaming me greater peace.. Amen

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