Celtic Prayers

Celtic prayers originated from the Celts, an ancient people who populated the British Isles. The Celts preceded the dawn of Christianity.

Although they were not Christian, they were a deeply spiritual people who were very respectful of the forces of Nature, and their prayers reflect a true communion with the spirit in all things. Their prayers are popular nowadays because of their power in evoking spiritual energies. These prayers can have a powerful spiritual appeal for anyone of any faith.

The Celts were eventually converted to Christianity by the Romans during the Roman Empire's occupation of Britain.

Celtic blessing for baptism

I baptize you by our Earth Mother, From whose spirit we come, into whose arms we fly When our journey here is over. I baptize you with the winds of the four corners of Earth Which scatter seeds from the harvest, And the blow wintry snow away. I baptize you with fire, so my spirit may Be cleansed, and your days be many and long. I baptize you by the waters of life, Which sustain all living things. Give thanks to our Earth Mother For your abundant harvest. May She bless you and keep you All the days of your life.

Hail to You

Hail to you, O New Moon, Beautiful luminary of our sky Hail to you, New Moon, Beautiful graceful orb. Hail to you, New Moon, Beautiful luminary of the stars Hail to you, New Moon, Beautiful beloved of my heart. Hail to you, New Moon, Beautiful guide to the clouds Hail to you, New Moon, Beautiful dear one of our Heavens!