a beautiful healthy baby .

by Diamond

Dear god , iv come to you with full hope and trust in my heart . First I want to thank you for everything I've been blessed apon , please forgive me for my sins , only you know what I've been throughhru and going through father . as you can see iv been having health issues and being able to conceive is looking like never but I have faith , and is coming to you for help , I hope you hear me as I speak my words out loud with cloudy eyes ofain . god I've lost an angle that ment the world to me due to a misscarige and since I have no it been able to get great results . what aamenm I doing wrong ? Why me lord ? Please help me heal me allow me to become healthy to give birth to a healthy angle , I'll give the world for a healthy baby girl in my arms . (tears) I'll countinue to pray each chance I get , please god please give me another chance <3 <3


And nay I ask those reading pray for me as well and in gods will I hope my prayers are answers soon . AMEN

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