A Birthday Boy in the Unknown

by layla
(los angeles, CA)

Dear Heavenly Father,


I pray that You lift Geovani for today is his 30th birthday and he is not home.

He was taken from us 2 years ago and has left us in the unknown.

We pray that you light his way, and keep him smiling every day. I'll bake him a cake and our son will blow the candle, but please Father, 2 years has been so long, I don't know how much more I can handle.

No documents in a missing person's report, because if we do we will get the same torture too. I can't believe how unjust the system is, so I come to You for refuge.

Geovani never harmed anyone, why did those monster's take him away? I love him so much our son and I pray for him every day.

We feel he's alive and if he is, Monsters let him go, it's his 30th birthday and we just want him home.

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