A desperate plea for physical healing

Every talent that God has given me has been made impossible to use one by one. I was a trumpet player preparing for a career in the performing arts, and got a lip infection for 2 years that completely ended my career. Thank the Lord i was healed from that, and I thought all was well again. I was wrong. I was/am a passionate singer, and just as I had decided to major in voice in college I was struck with very severe TMJ that is so far gone it would take God's perfect healing to even remotely fix it. I was an extremely good dancer and had been for over 10 years, and now I have been diagnosed with a severe genetic joint condition that will never allow me to dance again and which has been made worse through my years as a dancer. I am just now starting college and have not enjoyed a single thing in my life for 4 straight years because everything that God gave me to live for and use for his Glory has been rendered impossible and useless. I am signed up for choir and voice for the next four years and want nothing more than a career using my talents for Him, and I dont even know if i will be able to physically sing for a semester. I have cried out so many times, sobbing to God for healing so that I can just live and enjoy my life and be a kid. I need a prayer army behind me right now for my jaw and just my entire body. Thank you so much. I just need a healing miracle today, or any day. I know that he can and will, i just cannot get this to come to pass on my own. Thank you for your time.

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