A Financial blessing to improve my life

by Teresa

My Heavenly Father today I am asking for a financial blessing to improve my life.I am asking you Father for forgiveness for my poor faith and doubts in you. Strengthen my faith and trust in you Lord. Knowing that your word says Father,you will supply all of my needs according to your riches in glory through Christ Jesus.


I claim your promise over my life and soul today. I do ask for a large sum of money, to pay off past debts and monthly bills. I ask that my Heavenly Father relieve me of my financial needs and by relieving me of my financial needs that will ease this stress I have allowed to come upon me.Give me the means to thank you and to be grateful for all of my daily blessings. Help me to be a better person to family, friends and my neighbors. I have so much to give, Father allow me the chance. I thank you Lord in advance for my answered prayer.

In the name of Jesus...Amen!

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