A lesson to be learned

by Lee
(Lynn, MA)

Dear Lord, daddy, spirit guides and bub. I know since you guys have become Angels, I have become dark, alone, hopeless, desperate, secluded, and a addict. I have lost my way in life since your passing and don't know how to get it back.. I ask for strength, hope, love and guidance to lead me out of the dark and into the light again. I am not perfect and I'm sure I will loose my way again, but for today I beg for your forgiveness and repent for my sins. Please let see life through your eyes and heal my heart because it it is filled with anger and hatred and sadness.. I love you truly with my heart and I am great ful for what you have done for me, but most times I loose sight of gratitude. I need to try try before I complete give up. Please Lord hear my pray...

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