A mother's pray

by Tara

Dear Lord,

I ask that you help me provide a way to fiancé the many bills that lie ahead of me in these up coming weeks. My daughter starts school in two week and I fear that I will not be able to provide the things that she will need.

All of my bills are behind, I have multiple pay day loans that are In default. It's been months since I've had auto insurance because I used the funds to pay for bills/ food, etc. i am currently being sued for loans that I could not keep up the payments on, my driver license had flags if not suspended. I barely eat, barely sleep and in constant fear of what lies behind every knock on the door, email and phone call. I go to work five days a week and my hours are constantly being cut due to budget cuts.

I am finding more and more white strings of hair everyday and my heart always feels like I'm going to have a stroke or a heart attack, I'm only 32. I have no family or support outside of the people who reside with me . I beg of you to help me resolve my finanical problems or the stress that comes with these problems. I honestly feel like my health is at risk and is crashing at rapid speed.

Lord I do not ask for your guidance for myself but for my kids they are innocent and I am doing everything in my power to improve my money problems and eliminate them. But I know me alone will not get it.

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