A Note of Thanks For Our Lord Jesus Christ


I do a lot of praying everyday and everytime I ask for something I noticed that most of them are being heard.I thank the Lord for always listening to me when I badly needed Him.He is really good.I pray not only for myself and my family but for all my friends.Lately, one of my prayers was answered and just yesterday I was amazed when my daughter-in-law called me.I did a prayer for her and in one week my prayer was heard.From my experience, I think it's best to thank the Lord after your prayer is granted.I hope everyone who will read this will turn to prayer when they are wishing for something or troubled.

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Jul 23, 2012
by: A Servant of God

Very encouraging and frankly quite cool. The confidence to know that the Lord has heard and is answering your prayers is wonderful. Pass your experiences on, you never know how much hope they will give to someone else. In essence, you are confirming to everyone that you are pressing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called you heavenward in Christ Jesus. This really makes my day! Faith on earth. But don't bump your foot along the way. Watch out and be vigilant in your prayers.

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