A prayer for a financial miracle.

by Debra
(Morganton, NC, USA)

Dear Father in Heaven, I know you know my needs. I have struggled and struggled for 7 years now after my husband left me and my 3 children. It has been so very, very hard - barely living paycheck to paycheck and then having to rely on payday advances and pawning things when emergencies happen.


My checking account is -$1600 (negative) and overdraft fees are accumulating daily. Once I get paid, my entire check will be gone to cover these fees. I truly need a miracle; even a small one just to get through this crisis. I desperately need dental work that is prohibitively expensive - my mouth is always in pain.

Please Lord - just a small miracle. You own the world and all it's treasures, and I am truly unworthy of even a penny; but I also know that you are merciful and loving. I know the situation could be worse...I have a place a live and a car to drive, but every month the deficit increases.

Lord, you know my heart so I cannot deny that I have often thought lately of how much I would rather leave this life than continue the pain and struggle every day. Father, please, please help. I ask in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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