A prayer for a return to gainful employment

by Jmec
(United States)

I pray to you St. Jude that my teaching position return to full time. I have always enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge and talents with my students. Though it is a tough place to be now, I know that this is my calling. I long to focus on the joy of learning in my student's faces instead of having all my energy focused on negative thoughts, and worry.


I not only pray for myself and those I teach directly, but I also pray for the two most important people in my life, my husband and daughter. Sometimes I am so consumed with worry about the financial side of things that it affects our lives. I don't ask for things or lots of money, just to have back what I had, so that I can focus on the important things: My God, my family and doing right by my students.

I pray to you. Please hear me.

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