A prayer for desperate need, hope, and help

by KW

St. Jude I pray to you and our Lord today for so much help. I feel as if I'm drowning with problems and not so great situations. Please help me overcome these problems and let faith and hope shine down on myself and my family.


I feel as if everything around me is going badly because of me. I feel as if I failed myself my family and our Lord. Please help me, please help me and my family. I love them all so much and am scared of losing them because of things I have done in the past.

Please can I be forgiven of my sins, and please i pray that starting today things can start looking up in a much positive way. Not only for myself but for my family and others around me. Please i pray for help in all my situations that I am in. Please i pray for your help.
Thank you St. Jude

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