A Prayer for Full Recovery From Blood Disease

by Laura

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Dear Lord,
Please pray for my wonderful father that he may be fully recovered from a horrible blood disease that is very hard to battle.

It came on from nowhere and he has a long road ahead of him.The doctors think it might have caused a stroke or some type of damage to his mental state. He cannot swallow, eat or speak at this moment and we are praying this can be temporary. His blood disorder causes his platelets to be
very low and clump together so we are praying that they go back up and stay up.

In my eyes this will be a miracle for him to fully recover and I strongly believe in Faith and miracles. He is loved by so many and is the most wonderful father and grandfather & husband in this world. Please pray that he may recover and be whole

Thank you....God Bless everyone out there and I wish peace, happiness, love and health to all.

Through this all my husband and I are trying to have another baby so I would like a prayer for that we may concieve and have a child born to us after 3 horrible miscarriages. We can also use some better financial stability and I pray my husband finds lots of work and all his business desires comes true.

God Bless...

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Sep 25, 2012
Foa an answer.
by: Anonymous

Lord I pray that her prayer will be answered.Amen.

Sep 23, 2012
Our highest Ground
by: Seeking HIS Face

Dear Lord, I pray for your servant that suffers from this blood disease. I pray dear LORD that you now removed it's dibilitating effects and render him completely healed LORD> I am a recepient of miraculous healing through the blood of our LORD Jesus Christ who did heal me through the shedding of his blood. Therefore, LORD I plead through the power of your blood LORD that this man be healed and deemed powerful in your sight LORD. I also pray that you would send your holy angels to heal and minister to him and his family. LORD, I also pray that his daughter would be blessed as Hannah was with Samuel and would conceive soon. LORD, I pray with the saints in heaven and know LORD that you can do all things. Thanks be to and GLORY be to our Father in Heaven. In Jesus name, AMEN...love, Trudy

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