A Prayer for Healing our relationship

by Sandy

Please help me get John back emotionally. We have had problems in our relationship and he at one time he wanted to marry me. Please get that back for us. I love him so much but his behavior has changed toward me and is a lot more distant. I want to be his main priority and my daughter in his life like I once was.


Please let me get that back. I thank you for having him come back to me but now please heal our relationship and let him completely forgive me and vice versa. I want him to propose to me in the future because he is the love of my life but I know he is hurt. Please heal his wounds. Please help.

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sandy's relationship
by: cele

are u back with john goin through the same prayer for me.

by: Anonymous

You're in my prayers. I know exactly what it feels like!

by: Jon


I pray for healing between you and John. May God answer your prayer.


by: Anonymous

I will pray wholeheartedly for you, as i know what you are going through, i can understand as even I am going through the same phase. Hope everything will be fine.

praying for you .x
by: Rachel

sister in Christ, i'm praying for you too. be strong, and keep praying. he is the blessing that God has for you, just pray for forgivness for you and your partner and pray that God will protect and strengthen you as individuals and as a couple, "ask and you shall recieve". i ask that you please pray for me too, as i am asking the Lord Father to help restore my relationship with my partner also. God be with you always ♥

Praying for you
by: Anonymous

I pray for you Sand in Jesus name, that God to heal your relationship with your boyfriend and God will gave strenght and miracles will happen to both of you. Amen.

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