A prayer for help, hope, faith, support, trust, love and peace

by Kelly
(Arlington, WA)

I'm praying today to ask for so much help. I woke up this morning unable to start my car, which makes me feel not only scared and stressed but extremely down. I pray for help that tomorrow brings a much better morning day and evening. I pray for my stresses to be gone and everything will be back to normal in a much positive way. I also pray for my marriage and family.


I pray because of everything wrong i have done will make my marriage and family end. I pray that we will make it. I pray my husband and I no longer fight argue be mad at each other. I pray for the hope that we continue to grow in a positive way with love faith joy hope and peace with each other. I pray we make it as husband and wife and as loving parents for our children.

I pray again for the help with everything wrong happening. I also pray for the help love and faith that we can make it as a family. I am so scared of losing everything, please I have the hope and faith that it will work out and just ask for much help with my prayers. Thank you for everything.

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