a prayer for help.

by eliece blanks
(bunkie la, usa)

I need prayer for so many things. I am a sinner and I just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I have lost hope. I feel like I've done so much wrong that it's to late for me. I don't even have the energy to pray. I haven't prayed in so long. Please pray for me that I can change before it's to late.

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i need your help god now more than ever
by: traci

O lord i come to you ,mind body and soul. for i am a sinner thats pribably gonna sin again...and my life ain't right...even tho i know i cant change ova night...im willin to ,right now lord ..i got kids that look up at meh being a single parent...forgive meh for i have committed so many things but yet have i stop...so im comin to you with open arms to save meh....in this life...#Amen

never too late
by: amy

if you are willing to make changes ...no matter HOW SMALL .. it is never too late, the fact that you are reaching out and asking for prayer, means that you are ready and willing. just take baby steps .. you can't change years of mistakes in one day ... but you can take one day at a time ...and begin changing your thoughts, your actions ... the decisions you make .. and by this time next year ... you will be a different person in a much better place. You can do this ... we will pray for you ... but, YOU CAN DO THIS !!

by: Tampa fl

I am praying for you this morning
Please go to church
Go to confession
All you have to say to The Lord
Is what you just posted
Your burden will be lifted
Please please please go

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