A prayer for hope.

by Carol
(Jersey city)

Oh God my father in heaven I come to you my knees and I ask your help.

I pray for my suffering from Alzheimer's.
I pray for my father who has to watch her suffer and he is suffering as well.
I pray for my boyfriend who may have cancer.
I pray for my enemies who tried and destroyed my career.
I pray for myself God that my faith will get though and that find a new career that I love.
I thank you for my family and being able to see my true friends though the darkness.
I father that I see better days and will always be with and always keep my feet grounded.
And last I pray lord that you give the direction, I know you have so much more for me better... I was not ready before and maybe I needed to go through some stuff to see you are always here for me... but I am ready my lord for the window open a bit and I will
Fly as you want me to.


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