A prayer for my Dear sister who is in need of healing

Dear heavenly father, I come to you weak, confused, and my heart aches with tears running down my face. This is because my sister has been really ill lately her heart is in pain, her sides hurt possibly her kidneys and I wish and pray that I could do something for my sister to make the pain she endures disappear.


For she is hurting badly my lord and her flesh is weak and I pray that you may lift her up and give unto her great strength and hope and cast all thoughts of fear, doubts, and hopelessness from her spirit and mind. I know my lord Jesus that you are the creator of all things and your heart is grand and your hands are those that heal.

I pray that you may take my sister and place your hands upon her and give unto her the gift of healing that will make all her pain disappear lord so that she can continue to praise you and worship all your goodness lord that her health will be renewed. I ask of you this because I love her with all of my heart and soul and it hurts me so, to see her in such pain I just want to see the smile on her face again and hear her laughter and speak of you the way she always does not caring what others think when she shouts your name with love.

My father I know your here, I knew you know what is going on lord and In your timing lord i know your will shall be done. I humbly ask that you give to her comfort; overwhelming peace and hope and that her pain be gone. I also wish for her protection from all evil and those that wish to cause harm unto her flesh or soul.

For the wicked lurks and I know Jesus that you will protect her all the days of her life for she is yours.Jesus I love you so... I always have and I always will. In Jesus name I pray,

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Aug 27, 2015
beautiful prayer for my sister.Praying for your sister in need. NEW
by: AnonymousCrystal Blackwelder

Dear Heavenly Father I Come to you this morning
My dear baby sister is in need of prayer
She is so kind and sweet.Her body is in need dear lord .I pray to strengthen her lord in whatever she needs.Send your angels and wrap.your loving arms around her
She is a big part of my heart and I love her so.
She needs you lord.Strengthen her body heart mind and soul.Only you can
Fix her and make her feel whole.
Thank you dear sweet Jesus. I will forever be grateful. In your powerful and wonderful name I pray.Thank you.Jesus
.Amen .

Jun 02, 2014
God will heal NEW
by: Karen

I pray for your sister that all the pain shall be gone. God has listened to all you have said and will do what he does best heal and love. Keep praying and so will all others. be strong take care.

Jun 02, 2014
Faith NEW
by: tampa fl

I pray for your sister this morning
Listen to Jesus
What he is telling you to do
Do not be afraid

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