A Prayer for my dying mother

by Domenick
(Lakeside,CA USA)

Please God help my mother.She is an angel here on earth to everyone who knows her.Words can't express the pride and love I have knowing that I am a part of her.

She's special in so many ways,you don't have to know her very long to realize it.

The doctors don't know what's wrong, but I can see that something is draining the life from her. It's breaking my heart to watch my 2nd parent suffer.

This holiday will be no holiday for me or my family, but I wish everyone who reads this a Happy holiday.

Thank You

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I understand
by: Anonymous

I feel for you in this time of sorrow. My brothers and I are watching over our sweet wonderful mother as she slowly dies here at home. We lost dad last year to cancer and it broke our moms heart losing him as it did us. We thought he would have lived much longer because his mothet (Grandma) out lived him and passed just last June at 105. Nothing in life is for certain. Cherish every moment and honor the love you share with your parents all the days of your life. Love to you and peace always. God bless you.

I understand too well
by: Mary

I was searching for some answers when I found your prayer.
I want to hold on to and to protect my mother but I don't know what to do. She is receiving good medical care and my clumsy efforts to comfort her seem useless sometimes. She's herself - and then she's not.
I pray for your mother and mine and know that God has all of us in His protective arms. We must keep doing the best we know how and trust that God will guide the medical staff in their care for Mom--until He brings her home.

Thank you
by: Domenick

My mom fought as long as she could but she passed away Dec.4th.I hope I can find the strength to deal with what has to be done.
Thank you Elsa and Carol for your thoughts and prayers.

In my Prayers
by: elsa

I pray with all my heart that your mom gets well, and that God is always with you and your family.

Your mother...
by: Carol

sounds like a wonderful woman. i'll pray for her and you as well. May your days be filled with love and acceptance.

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