A Prayer for My Marriage

by Devron

It has been almost 5 years since my husband and I were togerther. We called in a short break to get things together then it turn into him moving on. Alot was my fault as well as his. I turned my back and told I just couldn't do it any more and I didn't love him anymore.


It was a hard lie to tell him and myself but I thought it would make this easier. well flash forward to now and I'm still in love with him and have been all this time. I want our family back together and happy. I need prayers to help strenghthen me because now he has had a child and we were still married and I still want him back with me.

I pray eh and I can work out our marriage so we can fulfill the destiny God has for us. I ask for faith, understanding, and unconditional love from my Husband and pray for our recociliation on Gods time.

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