A prayer for protection for my son and I.

by Niki

Dear heavenly father,


Please protect my son and I. I have fought for years to keep us safe from him. I do not wish ill upon the man. I only wish for happiness for him. I only ask that he stays away from us. We have lived this long with out him, please keep him away. I beg you please.

I pray unto you for protection. Please heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, hear my prayers.
I am scared. I know you are with my son and I. I fear the man who wants to take my child away.
I don't know if I have the strength to hide like I did once before. I know he is coming for us. Please protect my son and myself.

I ask of you for forgiveness for my sins.
I pray unto to you oh heavenly Father, great glorious God above.

Please hear my prayer, I pray unto in the name of the Father, the Son and Holly Spirit,

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