A prayer for the world people

by rebecca

Thankyou Lord that the kingdom of Heaven is here now. Thankyou for shining your overwhelming light of love and joy into our world now which overflows into the hearts and minds of all your creatures now and into all life which you have made on earth. All people feel the need now to please you, to pray, to follow your commandments and repent of their sins.


Wonderful miracles, healings, wonderful blessings are coming now to all people around the world. All people are now heavenly minded, heavenly hearted, with heavenly tongues. All people are now falling in love with Jesus more and more everyday. All dark energies have disappeared from our world now.

Earth is now the most glorious Heaven in the Universe. The meek now inherit the earth. The world is becoming more and more supernatural now. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name..Amen

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