A prayer to be debt free and financial stability.

by eric

my heavenly father, i thank you for today. thank you that am alive and that you have blessed my life with good health. i adore and cherish you.father one thing that disturbs my heart is the way that i live with fear.

Remove that fear in me. The fear of being in debt and being financially not stable. my lord your name is great and there is nothing above you and that is why am changing my ways and coming to you cause you are the only one who can help.you have shown that your help is free and you provide 100% for those who believe and trust in you.lord for all those debts that i have acquired please cancel them for me.

as i live everyday in this earth let me seek your help. provide for me cause what am only asking is to live knowing that my rent would be paid and my bills would be paid too.thats what am only asking from you lord. am not asking for millions cause what i need right now my heavenly father is for you to help me. i believe and trust in you.

In jesus name i do pray and believe


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Nov 03, 2015
Thankful to Jesus
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to thank you for today. Just seeing my three kids in the morning and my grandchildren before I went to work made me thankful. Lord please help me get out of this debt. I am way over my head. I know only you are able to help me. I believe in you and have faith that one day I will be debt free.. Thank you once again in the name of sweet baby Jesus.

Nov 02, 2015
by: Susie

My Lord I know I have sinned on many occasions ...living way beyond my means .... I'm now at the end with nowhere to turn. Please find it in your heart to provide me with a financial blessing this final time and I promise with all my heart to start this next chapter in my life with a clear head and never come before you again begging for your assistance with money. I beg of you Lord. Amen

Oct 18, 2015
Prayer for debt-free living
by: Anonymous

I know i sinned against living beyond our means, but i just wanted to give what is best for my children, please pray that we can have income out of our businesses to pay our debts in time, in God's time...amen

Mar 20, 2015
God Please come in to my life and help
by: Anonymous

Dear God,

I ask that you come in to my life and provide for me sufficiently to be from debt and be able to start my life over.
My life has been in such a quandary for the past 8 plus years.
You took my life from me the day you took my best friend, my spouse,. My life continues to decline, I am asking that you come into my home and restore my life. I ask that you wife away all of my financial obligations and give me a chance to start my life over again.. please lord I need you to hear my prayer.

Nov 22, 2014
free from debt
by: Anonymous

oh lord I have sinned and I seek for your help.. please lord help me to free all my debts. to have a peaceful mind and a happy life with my daughter. please lord help me... help

Sep 25, 2014
Prayer to be Debt Free
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,
Bless me and provide for me...
I know I have made mistakes living a life that I cannot buy. Forgive me.
Free me from debts Lord, I ask.
Thank you Lord. Amen

Jul 15, 2014
thank you ABBA for everything in Jesus name AMEN
by: Dannie Mason

The LORD have blessed me and I'm in his favor.

Jun 29, 2014
thanks to you jesus
by: Anonymous

thank you for blessing me today . amen

Jun 21, 2014
Thank you Lord
by: Francis

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer today. Amen.

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