A Prayer to Conceive

by Magi
(Grane Prairie,Canada)

Dear Lord God

I humble myself and come before You asking for forgiveness on all sins I have ever done in front of you my Lord. Thank you for blessing me with very good family - my husband and my 4 years old son.I appreciate all you do for me and my family. Thank you.
I am asking for a prayer for another baby - girl.Lord I ask that you would touch my husband and I so that we may conceive a child in your name.I am 41 years old and some doctors said that maybe i have a perimenopause.I really want another child and my son wants to have a sibling.Please,Lord make a miracle.I trust in you Lord that all things are made possible and the only one who can grant our wishes.
I am also pray for my husband to get closer to you,Lord and for him to wish another baby,please. Please hear my prayer. Please hear me Lord,bless me with one more baby,Amen

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