A prayer to my sister with cancer

by Tracy

dear heavenly father i beg you to heal my sister who has cancer.i speak of divine health in her body bring back all that has been lost in her life.with you all things are possible and i believe the capacity of the miracles you perform in our lives may you deliver my dear sister and revive her health so that she can walk again and do the things she used to do before this sickness intered her body.for the bible says that our bodies are a temple of christ so please if they are indeed are temple of christ then such diseases as cancer are a total stranger to us.please heal my dear sister in jesus christ i pray Amen

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Jul 25, 2016
Prayersfor my little brother
by: Jannel

Pray for my little brother who has a tumor in the stomach right now they are doing xray and they are putting him to sleep. God will help cure my little brother

Nov 15, 2014
please pray for my sister who have cancer
by: rochelle guerrero

i have a very kind and loving sister, she is in London, while were here in Philippines, and now she found she have a breast cancer, my family and i have nothing to do, cant offer a help to her, because were miles far from her.. i have nothing to do but to claim a prayer for my sister... please pray for her.. i don't wanna loose her, i beg you JESUS Almighty God please heal her fom her sickness.. Amen

Jun 18, 2014
A prayer for my sister with cancer.
by: Baby San Diego

I am really greatful and thanking you who made this prayer. I really believe this prayer is very powerful. Many thanks and God Be With You Always. In Jesus name.

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