a single mother of two and an orphan with no relations

I ask the God to rescue me.

I am a single mother of two and an orphan with no relations to assist. Since childhood the only parent I know has been God. I worked for a bank for 7 years and later quit for a better pay. Unfortunately the new Job never lasted 9 months, instead I was fired and stayed unemployed for almost 2years. It was a very trying time but God came through. Since then I have been hoping from one employer to another and nothing seems to last 9 months. Recently I realized that my employer might relieve of my duties due to financial constraints. By the look of things I have 1 to 2 months to get another Job. I am very stressed out. I don't want to go through unemployment again. I ask you to pray with me for a supernatural miracle to occur in my employment. I strongly believe with combined prayers a miracle will surely happen.
May GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel answer my prayers for GOD is all I have and always will. Amen.

Thank you.

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