All mighty God please hear this prayer

by Nadian

All mighty God please hear this prayer!


Father I ask you to walk threw me and heal the pain in my heart. I ask from you to take away the pain and hurt fill it with love and joy.
I ask from you to reunite the heart of my partner and I once again stronger then ever.. Allow this time apart to me a lesson to teach us one another's worth.. Fill the heart of my lover with much love for me keep me in his heart and mind at all times.. Make this feeling in my heart mutual for the both of us..
In Jesus name amen
I love you father
Thank you for hearing my prayer
This prayer is for everyone who is apart from they're lover god bless all

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by: Anonymous

I also pray I will be united with the man I love . The pain of separation is so intense . I pray also for forgiveness to the people I've hurt along the way . Please let our love be restored .

prayer of agreement
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord as a person who has experienced and is experiencing marital break up I say a huge Amen to this prayer. I know it is your desire to break down walls and misunderstandings and renew Love where it has grown cold. I thank you that you know what is best for us and that you always do what is right. We thank you for your wisdom strength and presence in our lives to fill us with joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. AMEN

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