Almighthy God in Jesus' name please grant my prayer for the healing of my teenager nephew

by GNC
(Paranaque City)

Dear Jesus I among the sinners in this world whom you have saved may not be worthy of asking your healing grace and to Almighty Father, but my faith shall assure me of thy favor in behalf of my dear 20 year old depressed teenager nephew (Tintin) who had been struggling and fast loosing hope to live. She felt so hopeless, no appetite for meal, no enough sleep and engulf with fear from her mother's unpleasant words who is constantly getting mad at her for her shortcomings.

Dear God please touch the heart of her mother so she may realized and made aware that her treatment to her daughter Tintin had also caused significant impact to her daughter's depression among others. Tintin is seeking help through us for doctor's attention but she is keeping all this from her parents especially from her authoritative mother. Tintin has open to us her condition and told us that she wants to end her life. As we continue to support Tintin, our efforts will remain helpless if not for the Good Lord to grant our petition through the holy spirit to guide Tintin to be brave enough to overcome her trials this days.

Glory be to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit AMEN.

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