Bank Loan Approval, Getting Rid of Financial Debts and Getting the Money from sold Family Properties

by Sai
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Great Almighty.


Please help me, i am in deep Financial Debts. I had applied to a Bank Loan, i would humbly request for a large amount sanction or approval.

Equally i am praying for getting the money from sale of family property, as on date i did not got a single penny from it.

I am arrived to a dead end now. Nowwhere to go. Because of this financial debts, the people from whom i had borrowed the money are torturing me constantly and continously. Also i equally concerned to return the borrowed amount to all the people, from whom i had taken the loan.

I had made my loan application in the bank, Oh! GOD it has to get sanctioned as per my thoughts.

Thank you.

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