Begging For Help and Love

Dear Lord,

I am begging, begging, for your help.

I met someone I like, but he's fading away from me. I do not know why I am constantly in the position of being left...left wanting, left alone.

I need your help. I need intervention. I need a miracle. Please help me find my way through this mine field.

Your plan can't be for me to be alone for my entire life, and yet that is how it is shaping up.

Please help me. Please help he and I come together again. Please help me find my husband. Please help me find my way out of this horrible time of life. Please tell me you haven't forgotten and hate me, as it seems you have and do.

Please god. Help me. Help me find happiness. Help me and JD and I come together again to see where it may go.

The light of hope and faith is growing dim in my life. I'm utterly lost. Won't you please please help?

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