Bless my best friend show us your GLORY AND HEAL HIM

by JOE

Dear Lord i come asking you to heal my best friend Ralph. Lord i ask shrink his tumors in his body, restore his health , his spirit. Lord you alone can heal, restore and i beg you to help my best friend, Lord i ask remove those tumors in his body right now in the name of Jesus. Lord you promise healing as written in Psalm 41;3 . You said to me by Jesus stripes Ralph his healed. Lord i ask send a miracle and improve his vitals, shrink those tumors , restore his spirit, health. Lord i ask all right now in this petition of prayer Amen !!!! Lord i ask show us your glory in healing him, let us all be a witness to your faithfulness, love, mercy, power in restoring his health , spirit...Lord i ask bless him that he can see , enjoy another birthday in 8 days, he can walk , go home as well. In JESUS PRECIOUS NAME I ASK AMEN....

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