Bless my marriage and bless me with a child

by Agnes

Dear saint Jude. I am going through a FET process to have a child, please pray for me that I will have a successful process and I humbly ask to bless me with a healthy child.

I have always wanted a child, but, something and somewhere went wrong in my life that I wasn't able to have a natural birth and now in mercy of new technology to bring a child to this world I can only ask for a miracle and blessing through lord Jesus Christ. I pray for my husband and bless him. He has been a wonderful help to me through this journey. Bless me with a child and bless my marriage. I ask this through in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your humble servant. A.B.X

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to Agnes
by: Anonymous

I am going through same struggles. I will remember you in my prayers.

prayer to concieve
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord, please help me to have a baby. I am 46 years old and still have not given up hopes! Please hear my prayer I beg.

O God help me to conceive, bless my marriage and heal me from every pains bothering me my body(in my woomb, blood vessel, white cell, red cell, fluid,small and large intestine
by: Tata Neal

O, Lord God Almighty have mercy upon me and deliver me from the power of marine spirits, witches and wizards. Lord God leave me not into temptation. Bless my marriage heal my womb from bareness and all sickness and disease.God make me to conceive and born children.O God do not allow me to fall at the feet of my enemies. Lord God you are my all in all answer my prayer in JESUS NAME!

Your positive beta is on the way
by: Anonymous

Dear Agnes,

I remember you in prayer. Just like you, I have just done an FET. I do my Beta on Tuesday and I am scared. It's been a 5 year struggle but God did not say we shall live barren. We must continue to stand on his promises even if our spirit is overwhelmed. As I type this I feel discouraged because AF signs are beckoning. But I give thanks for the positive I shall receive on Tuesday. I declare it in Jesus name. May you have a positive Beta too and blessings in your marriage.

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