Bless us on this venture lord help guide me in directions

by Trina
(Palmdale ca la )

Bless us on this venture lord help guide me in directions bless with money I don't have help me in school and to the people who help me on this quest to help others .that lead to success and love ,let all dark entities clear my path and good of heart are the only ones I see , work with ,and associate with , shield me with the armour of Holy Spirit that protects me from harm , or government trying to charge taking my money , or accuse me of any wrong doing that can lead to prison or being questioned. Protect me and my family from the devil keep my head clear focused and brave to make moves that champions make to be able to start my non profit make my kids know this is all for them to understand time is how I can make it happen and help them see my efforts in school and duplicate them so they can also reach there dreams and confidence they desire . Most of all no matter the threat or obstacle we stay together not doubting eachother ever !not saying goodbye but cheering we did it !as we face and conquer all challenges in Jesus name AMEN THANK U LORD

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