brain trouble/right ear/throat trouble please help!

by rose cherie

I am sick and don't know what's wrong. Dr's haven't found anything except low blood count and I am so dizzy I pass out everyday. My right ear hurts and I have lost some of the hearing in it recently. I am scared and suffering, this has been affecting my daily life. My lymphatic system is clogged up and eustachian tubes. I did get breast augmentation many years ago and fear it may be leaking. Having trouble seeing, breathing, thinking, getting up to function each day and I have a child to take care of… Please for the love of God pray for me. I am also getting filled in my mind and spirit with darkness that is coming from something that I don't understand. These spiritual attacks make me wonder if I have lost my soul. I love Jesus…. so why this evil bothering me? I am sorry Lord for whatever I have done… please forgive me and heal me. I am desperate and know that Jesus can heal me! <3

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