Breaking of spiritual burdening chains

by Sunny
(Albertson,Gauteng,South Africaa)

Dear God

Today I pray that you may break every spiritual chains and stumbling blocks hindering my success. I pray for every demonic spirits in the atmosphere that are holding hostage my blessings,and your answers to my prayers for i know that you said it in your word that if we pray according to will we have the advantage of knowing that you can hear us.
I pray that you reveal yourself to me and to everyone who is seeking you wholeheartedly, I pray that you don't let us be discouraged in you and help us keep our faith and our eyes fixed in you.
I am praying for a breakthrough miracle,that you prove to every soul praying to you that nothing is impossible with you
I believe it in my heart,and confess it with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord

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