Bring back to me this man i Love

by Jackie

Lord my God Please hear my plea ...

I am in great sadness at the loss of a man who I know you brought into life just under year ago. I know waited long time of my life before you brought round me. have known each other many years, since childhood days and, it your time for us that we were brought together. I believe this and u have faith in it. We were respecting this gift of love offered and have parted ways. I love him as you graciously allowed me the ability to and i miss him terribly. I need him lords and I am ready to receive him back into my life . Please help him find his way back to me I promise to to honor him with all the love you have gifted us with. I want to love him allowed the rest of the days of my life. Please help us come together again in your name .
By and through your grace Lord God AMEN.

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