Bring Danny back to me

by Adrine
(Victoria Australia)

Dear Jesus and the universe, I am grateful that you brought Danny. Into my life I love him with all my heart and my soul. He lives in London and I in Australia we are both turning 60 this year I in September and he in October . He is scared to make the change. Please mother Mary and Jesus bring him back to me as he stopped writing, and I am lonely and hurting to my very soul. I promise to pray every day from this day forth . I know you will hear my prayer and we will be together in our cottage by the sea and Danny will have his garden and I my soulmate to love and cherish till the end of my days. precious time we have left together is being wasted with each passing day please let us be Togethe soon . I thank you Jesus for everything .

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Nov 09, 2017
It Does Get Better NEW
by: Anonymous

I know what it's like to cry 6 or 8 hours solid with or without your direct will, in so much pain over unrequited love that even as you're breathing calmly, you sob.

It's beautiful, to love someone so much, and to pray so often, to see the very best in someone and 'if only they could see how you saw them, they'd never let you go.'

God DOES answer prayers. I learned a language for that man, helped them through so much, but they pulled away. It was a 2 year long hell.

Some of my prayers were weak whimpers, or just "God."

It helps to do two things. The first is easy: Open a notebook so a blank page is on the left and the right. On the left, write down everything you love about him. On the right, write down what he's actually like and actually does. Truth is self evident.

The next is have faith that you will actually heal and move on. He doesn't feel for you the way you do him. He cares about material things more than you, and isn't willing to make sacrifices.

Even after I learned a language, got lost in another country for someone, and saw them literally become someone else and change genders, they too were similar to yours.

And low and behold, after a brink with suicide and deciding I'd live for me and my interests or die trying (to release a game), I found someone so perfect, that loved me so instantly, that it's like a psychic connection. Like being the same person, two halves of the same soul. Physically, mentally, everything lines up and we both knew. We blurted out "I love you" so soon and have been together ever since.

I do know your pain, it took me over 600 days of prayer and sobs to help myself before I was ready for my love. It was necessary to learn as much as I did, in order to be with him the way we are, to appreciate him and know him like I do. I pray genuinely that you feel the same for someone one day, and that it is returned so instantly.

I know nothing can convince you that you're not right for each other and you don't want to hear it, refute it, but should you come to realize that, then remember that it will get better. The more you are yourself, the more someone will love you for you. You're not being yourself right now, and the person the person you love initially met doesn't exist right now because you're not being them at the moment.

May 30, 2017
Danny and me NEW
by: Anonymous

thank you - it is worse Danny did write to me two days ago and said that it was best we let each other go. because there were a lot of what if's. what if he did not find a job , what if we got sick... and a whole lot more. have not replied don't know what to say . only know tthat there is a constant pain that does not seem to diminish.

May 29, 2017
Understanding NEW
by: Jprge

I have a cousin sister that stopped contacting me after she got married. After I visited her dad's house, she hung up on me when I tried to speak. I Know your pain but it could be worse.

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