Bring me and my boyfriend closer

by eva

My boyfriend and I recently came to terms and are starting up a new relationship. In the past few months things have changed. He has gotten into drugs and is into his guy friends alot.Through this we still have time to see each other and it means the world to me, but when he cant communicate with me because he has no phone its annoying. it makes me wonder his whereabouts and such. i just wish he would be able to be with me more often. ive realized he is the one for me and the only guy who would come to me in the end. i need this to hold true. please lord bring us closer together so love can begin<3

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by: donna

Hi I am going true the very same thing how did your prayer go it's lovely 👍 my email address is as follows if you would like to email me back would be good to hear from you.

Kind regards

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