by Veronica

I pray for guidance and wisdom, I recently had my 18yr daughter leave our home angry and hurt, I pray she returns home to finish school and serve God again.


My recent new job is horrible, the people there "my boss" is so mean, uncompassionate, hateful to others, I dread going in and leave feeling emotionally worn out, I have no time for anything, I’m working 20hr shifts on salary and it's so hard knowing I have to leave my other two young girls at home alone, I need Christ to pull me out of here and give me guidance in finding a new job.

Seems like all is upside down right now, our home needs repairs, my daughters are hurting, I"m hurting, I keep praying, reading and trusting in Jesus for all we need,

I just feel worn out, sad, broken, everywhere I go I feel beaten up, I feel alone at times, I have no friends I have no family, my girls should be all I need but when things/life issues hit it's hard to deal with them all by yourself, financially it's very hard.

I know God has a plan for my girls and I and he hears my prayers, I've seen his hand move in our life, this is why I ask/beg that you join me in agreement at this time, I need a miracle right now, our life seems to be upside down right now, I need Christ to pull us out,

Thank you and God Bless you

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