Circle of Stones

by Robyn
(Victoria Australia)

I come before you St. Joseph in a humble manner and with great faith in your ability to assist my child in time of need. I ask that you send a buyer to my child's Business. Financial hardship is forcing my child to relenquish a business she has worked so hard for over the last six years. I will leave this request in your hands and I wish only the best for the new owner of the business. I pray for everyone that has put their plee in your hands.


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by: Anonymous

We too have been praying to St. Joseph to aid in the sale of our home and now it has come down to crunch time for us to sell or potentially lose the home we are building. I raise up your prayers and include them as I continue to pray for a sale. Hear our prayers and guide us as we continue to grow in faith. We believe in your power and will await the good news :)

Pray for help for those who praise God
by: Anonymous

We should praise God and give God thanks for all that surrounds us. We have lots to be thankful for and its because of God.
If for some reason the business does not work out there will be something else better.
I don't know exactly what the business is but i know we have had a few businesses that did not work out and we just tried something else.
So dont give up but the reality is that not every business is a good idea and sometimes they fail for reasons beyond our control.
Happy New Year and lets give thanks to God for all we have.

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