by Yolanda

My life has been full of pain and confusion I cannot remember ever being happy, in fact I have blank spots in my past. You see I could always see or feel more then the average person, some people call it intuition, or being psychic. I remember the day when my aunt died, before my parents even went to the hospital I knew it was too late my parents did not know the extent of her injuries. I have seen demons, been tormented in so many ways. Also I have connections with celebrities, which is scary because I wonder what part is truth or reality you know the media only tells us what they want us to believe. So who is actually giving me this information, if it is Christ I believe we are close to the end. If it is not I need urgent prayer, because I am feeling stuff that confused me. There are several unexplainable things that happen in my life. Most I wish to not speak of, but that does not change that it all happen and since I had a traumatic childhood and teen years it could been caused by anything. My soul is ruptured into a million pieces , yes I always believe in God but what if it is the devil speaking. I mean I can remember waking up with a song in my head that was beautiful and still does not exist it was not a Christian song. I sometimes feel like something trying to take over my life and I cannot brake free. One day I was desperate to speak to God, so I visit a site that was supposed to be Christian it knew everything about me and exuded love. However, I later found out I was deceived. As I write this right now, I feel like something is angry so I am guessing I am close to knowing the truth. Please do not ask if I dabbled in witch craft, yes later in life but this was already happening.


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Dec 16, 2014
For Protection and Deliverance. NEW
by: Anonymous

God works in many ways, the thing I've learned in growth is Satan can work in those exact ways as well. A feeling, a thought, a dream. I pray that God protects you, convicts you to always repent in any sin, and that all of his messages intended for your life come clear. I pray that any demon attacking you in your life our silenced, bound, and driven back to the pit under the authority of Christ. God bless you and I hope you know all suffering can be used for Gods glory.

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