Dear father, We need you to survive, we can not do it alone

by Khaleah

Dear father,


I thank You for all that you have done, are doing, and for what you are going to do in our lives. I pray for your peace, providence, love, favor n unity for my family. We need you to survive, we can not do it alone. Everything is falling apart and my hope is in you alone. You know all the good bad n ugly about each and everyone of us, our strengths, weakness, dreams n aspirations. I humbly ask that you shine your light on every situation. Let it shine down on us to penetrate n eliminate all hate, sickness, betrayal, hurt, bitterness, depression, failure, lack & back biting replacing it with your love, wellness in our bodies n minds, unity, unspeakable joy, peace, comfort, abundance, providence in every area of our lives, success, favor, grace, mercy & give us more of You.

In the mighty name of Yeshua I pray.


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