Dear God, I am in desperate need for money...........

by J

Dear God, Please hear and answer my prayer. I am in need of money desperately. I have a family of five and my husband is disabled. I am currently not working and I am in fear of losing it all. Rent and vehicle payments are well over due. I am afraid of being homeless. We can barley afford food for our house. I don't know what else to do but pray to you Heavenly Father. Dear Heavenly Father, I don't want my family to suffer anymore. HELP ME LORD! I am crying out to you! PLEASE HELP ME GOD! In the Lords name I pray, Amen

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In need of financial help
by: Bobbie

Dear God, I ask you to please help me? I've had a rough 18 months. I was doing well until I broke my foot and was off work for 6 months. I just had my car repossessed, I'm facing foreclosure on my house, It's crazy how you worked so hard all your life to have these things and how fast you can lose them if you are unable to work. I really need help and cannot get it anywhere! Please, please, help me. I don't know where to turn anymore, my life is falling apart! Thanks for listening

by: Gauri

my Dear Lord
maajyaa vadil dhaaryaa deva Divasann divas aamhi khup traasaat adaklo aahey. maaje ghari financial problems aaheyt khup prayatna karunn suddhaa aamhi tyaatun nighu naahi shakat aahot vadilaanchya aajaar panaa mule aani baaki prblms mule ghar karjaat duble aahey aamhi konaa kade paisyaanchi apeksha naahi karat fakt mala aani maajaa bhavalaa chaangla job de lavkaraa lavkar k aamhi sagle karza mukta houu aani aai vadill hyaanaa urlele shewat che varsha sukhaane jaguu deuu. Aamhi ataa financially strong naahi raahilo mhanun sarvanney aamchyaashi sambandd todleyt konihi bolat naahi. Ashi paristithi konavarr he ubhaaru naye ashi tujhyaa charni prarthanaa. maaji prarthanaa kabul karr aani hyaa saglyaa traasatun lavkaraa lavkar mukta kar. Aani maaji 1 aajun vishes prarthanaa maajya maitrini saathi Ummehani Kanchwalaa tichyaa pun ghari madad karnaaraa koni naahi. tichi punn prarthana kabul kar.

love you lord Jesus May Your love shine upon me and my family & friends Amen I always believe in you

In dare need of money
by: Anonymous

Dear Heavenly Father

I am a mother of two earning a very low salary and my boyfriend is even earning less than me, I have debts to pay off like: my house, my studies and others. Am working outside town and really need to car as I can't take this hitch-hiking everyday it is very inconvenience. If only you could load my bank account with 300 000pounds to settle all my debts and help my family I really appreciate it alot. Father I know that money is the root of evil things but I also believe that you can see my situation and why I reall desperately need this amount of money. A lot of your money who are in need will also benefit from this money. Heavenly Father please provide a decent job for my boyfriend for him to be able to help his children and siblings. Help him to get a job or money for us to be able to get married and live happy ever after. Hear my request oh dear God as you are might and will always help your children. Rescue us from the poverity we are living in my dear God and give us peace of mind to live happily and to always honour your name in this regard! I am not perfect as I sin daily and for that I deserved to be forgiven by your Oh my Lord... Please bless my prayer and answer it.


help me god
by: Anonymous

god i m in need of financial help all doors are blocked for me as i know i hv not n any thing wrong with any one then also this is going to me plz give me the way god or give me the way to earn i have tried every thing bt got failed i m depressed come and help me i heard that when there is no way u creates the way for your followers plz help me god give me the way light me the way ahead. i a positive help amine.

help lord
by: Anonymous

God help me

by: Ruth

Dear Grandfather, I am desperate for money. I need to pay off my Bills, and Buy each of my Brothers a House of their own and one for me and one for my only sister.
I need houses for my two children so no one will be Homeless.
I want to donate a large amount of money to the Indian Center to make it a better place for the Native Americans to go.
All of this takes alot of money and that is why I pray to you, I place my Burden in your Hands. AHO'

money help
by: jason

I am from uk and need money to go back home and nerd to find a job. I want to work and i cant get my work permit now.

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