Dear God i ask that you help me restore a friendship

by Michael
(Oil City)

Dear God i ask that you help me restore a friendship she was the first friend i have made in almost 20 years i made a mistake and told her i had a crush on her while she was seeing someone else i have always been able to turn off those feelings when i know someone is not single but i couldn't help my self this time this lead to doing and saying things over text that should not have been done and asking her for something that was not my place to ask she was going to leave him for me but was talked out of it at the last second days before we were going to hook up and i lost my cool was very bad timing near New Years eve while having issues with a medication i was stopping she and i both said and did things we regret. She says she doesn't think she can look at me the same way again i can please help her see me the way she used to i can't live alone like this all my friends are gone i can't lose her too i would give my soul to undo everything but i can't please help me and her.

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