Dear God Im in need ....

by Jennifer
(Maryland )

Dear God Im in need of financial stability

Im suffering right now with my Gas & Electric Bill over $ 5,000 and due to be turned off April 6 2012, My water is due to be turned off anyday with a bill of $ 600, My vehicle is in process of reposession with 3 months back payments due, My rent is over 3 months backed up, I have only $ 2 two dollars to my name right now, and my children ages 13 & 8 have been playing summer sports since they were 3 years of age and this year I do not have the funds to sign them up and they are heartbroken as well as myself, Im suffering financially and I pray to win the Mega Millions on Fridays drawing March 30 2012.

I know this is alot of money but I will see that I donate alot to charity,churches and families in need. I will see that my Grandmother who raised me never has to worry about her financial problems again and see thay her every wish is granted for the remainder of her time here on earth. I will make sure my children succeed in life with great schooling and employment. Please Dear Lord I really need your help at this time. I ask that you hear and answer my prayer to win this friday Mega millions Jackpot. Thank you Dear Father above.
AMEN <3 (:

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