Dear Lord I need you now more than ever

by Prayerfulone

Dear Lord I need you now more than ever, I feel weak to my flesh and my spirit is low. I feel nervous and anxious about future events that I have no control over,I am ruminating over incidents that have already occurred and behavior of others that once again I have no control over. I feel confused and stagnant regarding what type of employment I should pursue. I really don't want my emotions to get the best of me because I have to focus on being and doing things will help me to be progressive. I am very sensitive and emotional right now so it's hard for me to focus. I need you to fill me with peace, strength,ambition discipline, perseverance and the ability to focus! In the name Of Jesus I pray, Amen!!!

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dear lord I need you more then ever
by: Anonymous

I was amazed when I found this I was exactly what I was looking for thank you

by: Amozih carapo

My God, have you abandoned me? its been months now and my search for a job isnt paying off. i fail tests and the interviews i get invited to never call back even when i practice alot and even the practices show that i have very high scores. ive graduated top of my class and have always been Good at academics and speaking with people, yet my job search seems futile. i cant even get an internship. i feel bitter, sad, weak, abandoned and defeated. God how have i offended you, please forgive me. i need you to show me mercy or give me the strength to wait for your will. yesterday i thought of death and wasn't even scared. the fact that i wasnt scared scared me more. father i even need strength to pray and i need my faith to remain strong. i feel myself resenting all the times i pray before studying for any test, i pray before writing it and i pray once im finished but i still receive the dreaded mail. Failure 5 tests in a roll father and i know they are not that difficult because i practice day and night yet it doesn't favor me, please Jesus Christ, help me. my finances are almost none existent now. its very bad. i need you God. your thoughts for me are still of victory and not of defeat right? hear my cry o lord. i pray in Jesus name. Amen.

I believe that God has heard my cry
by: Anonymous

Im 27 never been employed before. .. I have education and qualifications. .. but still cant find employment.
im so exhausted spiritually.... I fear for my future.

Please brothers and sisters in Christ... Pray for me.

Exactly What I Need
by: Donnell Harrus

This prayer is me to the tee. Thank you

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