Dear lord i pray to you to help me. None can help me but you

by Joanne
(Australia )

Dear lord i pray to you to help me. None can help me but you. Cause everything is possible from you. Please forgive me for be angry and hurt by my husband. Who has cheated on me with this women for years. Im sorry for being angry with his family for helping and supporting him. With this women.

You answered my prays for a year and brought my husband home. Now im losing him again to this same women .
Please lord i believe in your your sayings and stand on your word.
I give my husband and marrage to you. And ask If my husband walks in deceit stand in his way. Shine your light upon his darkness and bless him with the holy spirit. Build him up into the man you intend him to be. Lord i dont want my marriage to end. Please lord give him fresh love for me again. For I'm his wife. And the mother to our four children. Please Lord give me the strength and heal what ever need healing and fix what ever needs fixing in me.
Please lord help me.

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