Dear Lord, please please provide my husband with a job

by Agustine
(Canada )

Dear Lord, please please provide my husband with a job he got laid of almost a year now and he cannot get back his job ,he tried so hard Jesus and still nothing is working out for him,you promised Lord that you would help all those who tried to help themselves and Lord you see and know he does not sit around, he tries but every where he turns it's always no ,our bills are piling up because of this ,right now our mortgage renewal is coming up and we're not sure if we will get it renewed, we have 3 young kids to look after ,I had to stop working because of illness ,I'm getting better now and also Lord please help me to find a decent job as well ,

I know I turned my back on you sometimes, when I don't pray or read the bible, but you are always in my heart, please forgive me lord and turn around things for us ,you promised not to let your children suffer, also remember my kids lord help them to be wise and not led astray in this easily deceived world,remember those in the hospital, those living on the streets and those that are in a worse position than me ,

I pray your blessings on everyone Lord so that this world can be a better place, in Jesus name ...Amen

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