Dear o mighty God, Heal my Mum from all her suffering

by Grace

Dear o mighty God,


Heal my Mum from all her suffering make her always be in good health happy and safe please dont let her be alone in life may she live with her companion to take care of eachother. Please Lord find a companion for my Mum's partners brother.

Please guide us all in the right direction in life and let us make the right choices.

Heal my husband from worry and anxiety make him advance his career and be happy in his job and find the balance of work and family. Heal his headaches and help us to find the right family home for us and Mum, please help her not to be sick anymore.

Heal my family as we are in debt help me and us to pay back the money we owe and all lifes expenses, help me to succeed in my business and be a great success.

Heal my sister in law to bear children help her at this time.

Heal my inlaws to always understand and be in good health always.


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