Desperate prayer for a loan

by K

Dear Heavenly Father,


Thank you for each and every blessing you have given me and continue to give me. I love you, worship and praise your Holy name. Lord, I am in desperate need today.

I humbly request a financial miracle loan today so that I can keep my house and get my bills brought current. You know, Lord, that I have been struggling in trying to get back on track after having to care for my mother, and in that process having to leave my job to care for her. Please bless me and look upon me with your favor and grace today.

I know that the Scripture says that for you, nothing is impossible and that whatever I ask for in prayer, believing, I will receive. As I speak with the loan officer this morning, grant me this miracle I pray for and the loan to be granted to me.

I thank you for answering this prayer request and in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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Dec 21, 2016
Prayer for a Student Loan
by: Anonymous

Lord, please allow me to obtain the financial assistance I need so that I may further my education and give myself and my loved ones a better future. Please give me the strength and courage needed to go through this process, and if this is not your will, please help me accept that. I trust in you Lord that you will lead me on the right path, and if this is your will, please allow the lender to look past my faults and provide me with the ability to continue my education and obtain my degree. Thank you, Lord, and I pray in Jesus' name for your mercy. AMEN.

Nov 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

Dear Jesus,
I write This To U While I Wait To Hear If My Loan Will Be Granted, I Have Been Struggling For Some Time And This Would Really Help Me And My Family Get Back On Track, Please Help Me And Grant Positivity And Good Energy Towards Getting This Loan..
Amen x

Nov 04, 2016
Prayer for a loan
by: Anonymous

Lord almighty am praying for this personal loan to go through so that I could pay our debts with my wife. We really need this loan Lord it can have a turning point in our lives.

Sep 09, 2016
Small Business Loan
by: Cindy

Dear Jesus,

Please, please help me get a small business loan so that I can buy the insurance agency that I have worked at for over 10 yrs. My family and I will benefit tremendously if I can get the loan. I beg you Dear Jesus. Please help me get this loan. It will be life changing to me if I get it then I can be in the position that I can give back weekly at mass. I love you with all my heart and will leave it in your hands.

Mar 16, 2016
by: Greg

Dear ,Jesus please come into my life help me to get a loan LM really in need of help ,thank you in Jesus name I pray ...Amen

Jul 22, 2015
Education loan
by: Deon

It's my dream of becoming a airline pilot and I'm from a poor family ..I have applied for a loan and please bless that I get the loan and assist me in my every step ..
And thank god for blessing me and giving me a beautiful life

Oct 23, 2014
Pray for miricale loan application
by: Anonymous

Dear God

Please bless me with my loan application at Capitec Bank I only want to pay all my outstanding accounts and water bill and help me Mother lord she dont work and need extra money so urgent and my little Boy that you bless me. God thank for all the things you bless us with that we dont even ask and the food, water and job, God I belive in my pray and am positive I belive God you will bless me and my family Thank you God.

Aug 17, 2014
Our God will do it.
by: Ben

Our God always answers our prayers all we need to do is to trust him fully and to wait patiently upon him. Ben odanga Bena on Facebook

Sep 02, 2011
Plea for a personal loan
by: Anonymous

I hereby pray that help me someone grant me a loan I am so desperate I do not know what to do.

I am owing loan sharks I am not even able to interested and its accumulating and making my situation worse. I am a widow with four children I work for Municipality am really no longer coping.

If somebody can loan me with a sum that I will pay back monthly it could uplift my life. At the same I am very hard work I have my own private business in catering, supplying, renovation but since I have no business capital. resources it is not succeeding.

I am on my knees pleading for cash for the betterment of my life i assure you that if I get financial assistance my life would be stable. Now I am starting to be sick because of my situation.

thanks in anticipation.

God Bless.

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